What is the bitcci Cash Token?

The bitcci cash payment token is a method for purchasing goods and services within the bitcci ecosystem. All products, portals, or services owned by bitcci can be paid for with bitcci cash.

The bitcci cash token smart contract can be used in the following ways:

  1. Capping. It means that the bitcci cash token will never go beyond its maximum supply;
  2. Burning. The supply of tokens can be reduced by burning them. Through the purchase and burning of bitcci cash tokens, bitcci will reduce the token’s supply and increase its value;
  3. Pausing. bitcci cash tokens have pauseable smart contracts, which allow bitcci to halt all token transactions when the token is paused. Hence, hackers will be unable to liquidate any funds from a centralised hot/cold wallet of an exchange, thereby safeguarding the ecosystem;
  4. Blacklisting. ETH addresses with suspicious behaviour will be blocked.

The bitcci cash tokens can be used for the following purposes:

  • Access fees, drinks at restaurants and bars, premium services at bitcci Nightclubs;
  • Advertising, pictures, videos, and live communication through the bitcci Apps and Portal;
  • Licenses, IT services, web traffic, and other premium services at bitcci Systems;
  • Advertisement, consulting, and analysis services from bitcci Agency and TV.

You can buy bitcci cash tokens by joining the bitcci token sale session on its .

20 billion tokens will be sold in the ICO. More than 35% have been sold to more than 2000 token holders until now. bitcci cash token buyers may sell their tokens immediately after the ICO ends, or offer them on trading platforms. Immediately following the ICO, the bitcci cash token is expected to appear on P2PB2B.

Sounds interesting? Join the bitcci cash token ICO on its website and prepare for its upcoming listing on P2PB2B! Also, don’t forget to follow bitcci on social media:

Originally published at https://cryptonews.com.



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